Margie Krest

Margie Krest is the owner and founder of Conscious Movements.  After teaching for many years in academia, Margie resigned her faculty position to follow her heart. Her heart led her to study at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health where she was able to connect more fully with her body and find a direction for Dancing the Soul, the Movement Center she founded: a place where others have the opportunity to listen to their inner rhythms and connect to their bodies and hearts, a place for community, play, and acceptance. After 10 years, Margie sold Dancing the Soul, and now continues her work independently as Conscious Movements. Conscious Movements focuses on the physical and spiritual health and wellness of women. Her Yoga, Fit and Flexible stretch and strengthen classes and her Conscious Movements Women’s Circles bring together her goal of helping women develop in body, mind and soul. Certified in Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), Yoga Dance and TaijiFit, Margie brings to her own classes a sense of community and self-awareness that encourages students to focus not only on the movements of the body but the way in which movement and stillness allow them to open their hearts.


Conscious Movements Online Course

By Margie Krest Classes Available Anytime: Flowing Freely, Using a Chair, Using a Bolster, Using a Wall, Opening the Pelvis.

Gentle Flow Yoga

8:00 am - 9:30 am By Margie Krest Gentle Flow Yoga brings you back to your body and heart. We begin with a heart-centering spiritual reading and move into a quiet body-centering meditation.

Fit and Flexible

9:00 am - 10:00 am By Margie Krest Through the art of Active, Dynamic Stretching:   Release Tension, Increase Flexibility, Develop Strength. All ages and levels welcome.
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Seven Lights of Love takes you on a journey into the author’s growth into wholeness. The book illustrates the importance of self-love and self-acceptance as we face our shadows, be they pain, anxiety, grief or loneliness. By learning how to embrace rather than ignore or reject both the beauty and heartbreak of our humanness, we discover how to celebrate the beauty and heartbreak of others’ experiences and connect with them. Neither easy nor painless, this hero/heroine’s journey of self-discovery opens us to the preciousness of our Soul’s Purpose and ultimately connect us to the Oneness of the Universe.

Margie Krest

Women’s Circles

Women's Circles

Each circle will focus on three

Conscious Movements practices:

  • Experiencing physical well-being
  • Deepening your connection to your breath
  • Clearing the way to listen to your spirit

Upcoming Circles:   Sundays (Come to One or All Circles) 

         April 5,  May 3, June 14, July 12, August 9

Time:   2:30-4:30

Place:  On Zoom for now.  Email for zoom link:   margiekrest@gmail.com

Donation at the door: $15-$20
All proceeds go to Girls, In of Metro Denver and Youth on Record, non-profits for young, underserved populations, to help them navigate a better future through mentoring and support.

To register call or email Margie: margiekrest@gmail.com; 303-502-4586


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