Listening to Our Inner Guidance The Voice of Departed Souls Part Two

Shortly after my mother died, I went to a psychic (something I had never done before) to see if I could connect with her.   I came away perplexed because the well-respected psychic told me that my mother did not want to talk.

Hmmm. . .

But since then, and since my own awakening to Spirit, I’ve learned a lot about the healing and renewal that death can bring, both to the deceased and the living.   Understanding that our souls reach out to one another, whether on this side or the other side is an important part of that healing and renewal.   In other words, our energetic connection with one another is not bound by our earthly existence.  I like to think that all of my energetic connections extend to my entire soul family, throughout all the spiritual realms of the Universe.

However, energetic connections require us to be able to listen.   In fact, I’m not so sure that my psychic was correct when she said that my mother did not want to talk.  What I think was perhaps more true was that I didn’t know how to listen.  Being open and receptive goes to the heart of our ability to communicate with one another’s spirit, whether living or dead.   When we are receptive to the energy of those around us, healing and wholeness can occur.

These next two essays are lovely examples of an openness of each woman, an openness that allowed her to listen as well as heal after a loved one passed.

The Voice of my Mother by Peggy

I have never really feared death, neither for myself or others.  I have understood from a young age that there is more to my existence than just the here and now.    I have felt the presence of other Spirits and have connected with my Guides and Angels since I was little.

And yet, the death of my mother caused a deep, inconsolable grief and depression which I couldn’t seem to come out of.

My mother had a massive stroke and was in a coma for 4 days before she died; during that time we spoke telepathically.  We thanked one another for the love and care we felt for one another and when she finally passed on, I felt thankful that we had those lasts few days together.

However, for over a year following her death, I was lost in grief.  I couldn’t function for myself or my family.  I couldn’t go through a day without sobbing and I walked around in a fog.  I was overwhelmed and completely untethered.

I realized that I needed to do something to move through my grief.

And so I began to sit quietly . . . day after day . . .

One day I had what I can only call a vision:  I was lying in a meadow, relaxed, feeling the sun on my whole body.   Suddenly, I heard a loud crash, as if an object came down from the sky and landed near me.  I opened my eyes and looked around, thinking that perhaps something had indeed landed around me.  When I didn’t see anything, I let out a big sigh and closed my eyes again to return to that “place” in the meadow.

As soon as I closed my eyes again, I felt enveloped by a huge turtle shell.  One part of the shell covered my chest and the other shell covered my back.   For the first time in over a year I felt protected.  Warmth and love radiated from the protective shell.  I felt my mother’s light and presence and heard her voice:

“Stop wasting your life.  Go out and do what you need to do. You have grieved enough.”

Over the following week, the heaviness I had been carrying finally lifted.  I found myself being able to focus, to tap into myself, to engage with others and laugh again.   I was finally able to feel love once more.

My journey out of grief was painful, but I truly believe that both my own inner Spirit and my mother’s eternal Soul bought me back.    It was a gift of grace.


The Voice of Aunt Lorraine by Mary

My Aunt Lorraine was like a grandmother to me.  She was also my best friend.  Although she never married and never had kids of her own, she loved children, so I would often fly her into Denver to be with my own kids so they too could get to know her.

She was one of those “soul companions” with whom I had a deep connection.

The years went by and Lorraine and I stayed in touch until the very end of her life.  I finally received the news that she was in a coma and did not have long to live.  I flew out to visit her one last time.

Aunt Lorraine was not aware of me when I went into her room, but I pulled up a chair, sat beside her and placed her hand in mine.  Together we “talked.”  I re-lived the many times she played with my kids and the fun my young daughter and she would have laughing and pretending that they both needed a cane to walk around.

As I talked and laughed at her antics of old, I looked into Lorraine’s face, and to my amazement, I saw her smile.  I returned her smile and whispered in her ear:  “Please let me know when you arrive in heaven.  I want us always to be connected.”

I flew back home and a few weeks later received the news that Aunt Lorraine had passed.  I couldn’t fly out again to attend her service in person, so I decided to simply sit in prayer during the time of the service.

I set up a calm and quiet room.  I closed the door and windows so as not to hear outside noise and lit a small candle. At the time of the service, a set of chimes hanging from ceiling in the room started ringing.  I looked around for a heater or wind coming through somewhere or anything that would explain how these chimes could start ringing on their own.  I could see nothing.  But they kept chiming for a good two to three minutes.

Ahh I finally realized . . . thank you Aunt Lorraine for letting me know you have arrived . . . and also for still being here with me.  All is well, and you and I will always be connected.


As in our previous stories about death, neither Peggy nor Mary feared death. They were sad, and even inconsolable, but they did not fear death itself.   The one they loved was gone from this earth, but they believed that the soul of their loved one still existed.  Their openness to the souls’ connections allowed them to hear something beyond themselves.


And so I Invite you to reach deep into your own heart and imagine feeling loved, consoled, reassured that your life and journey is divinely protected by those who have passed, that whatever you shared on earth is now a divine connection helping you grow more deeply into love.

Allow this image of them to stay with you for as long as you need: days, weeks, months . . . 

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