Celebrating Our Resilience

Hello Everyone:

Have you congratulated yourself yet?

Have you said Thank You to your own Body and Spirit for continuing on during these times?

OK, so maybe we’ve been complaining a little (or a lot) maybe dropping into (or out of) conversations, groups, zoom meetings and classes and zoom family gatherings . . . but hopefully we’ve also noticed that we are still here and life is still asking us to remember our essence:

We are divine beings having an earthly experience.

And what a totally earthly experience it is turning out to be!

And yet I am hopeful for a number of reasons.

First, this past month I’ve been part of two Women’s Circles that focused on Resilience.  I am totally inspired by the ways these women are tapping into their Core Spiritual Beliefs to guide them through these times.  We all agreed that having a larger spiritual perspective on what is happening in our lives and allowing that perspective to guide us has contributed to our Resilience.

Second, as spiritual beings having an earthly experience, our souls have chosen to be here at this time for a purpose.  And we get to choose how we fulfill this purpose.  We can meet this purpose with fear and anxiety and refuse to participate in making our world a better place, or we can meet it with, perhaps the same fear and anxiety, but take steps each day to make our world better by

Calling a friend
Donating to those who need assistance
Marching for a worthy cause
Taking a stand through voting
Listening to our inner voice to make changes in our lives
Appreciating what we do have
Reaching out to those who have less
And any number of additional steps you can take.

So I invite all of us to Celebrate our Divine Purpose, Live each day intentionally and Listen to that inner voice that guides us home to ourselves.

Much love,